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Diverse Medical Funding is a medical funding network that assists medical providers in receiving funding for their accounts receivables. We work with facilities such as General Practitioners, Pain Management facilities, Chiropractors, MRI facilities just to name a few, as well as hospitals, pharmacies across the USA. We offer account receivables funding, to help medical provider of all kinds improve their practice cash flow, allowing them to provide better services, purchase of new equipment, expand staffing and physical facilities, in short, do all the things a growing practice needs to do to thrive. In addition we also offer medical factoring, LOP (personal Injury) Lien funding, Medical loans and lines of credit, without the need to for an individual's credit assessment. We also offer the standard credit based medical loans where needed.

Diverse Medical Funding also specializes in billing and coding, collection services and other revenue cycle management services. In addition to the funding and revenue cycle management side of our business, we assist our clients with up to date technology that will benefit medical providers, attorneys and more. 

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Diverse Medical Funding is a medical funding network that assists medical providers. Our services include accounts receivables funding for workers compensation, LOP personal injury funding, asset based lending and credit based loans for medical providers across the USA.