A Brief History of EEG

The use of the electroencephalogram (EEG) has been in use to measure electric activity in the human brain for over 90 years. Since the first reading was performed by German physiologist and psychiatrist Hans Berger, doctors and scientists have learned to use EEG measurements to diagnose various medical conditions from minor trauma brain injury (mTBI) to epilepsy. While some clinics and hospitals still use the time-consuming method of attaching multiple electrodes to the scalp, entities moving to the BioSignal Group microEEG device platform include prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and the Stanford Hospital and Clinics.

What is the microEEG?

The BioSignal Group has developed a wireless, 26-channel, FDA approved EEG device called the microEEG. This handheld, lightweight, portable device is an innovation of EEG technology taking a quarter of the time to set up when compared to the standard, multi-wired EEG set-up. As the device is portable and will wirelessly connect to your CPU or laptop through Bluetooth, you are now able to perform EEG tests any time of day year-round.

With the use of a headset placed on the patient’s head, the microEEG rests easily to the side and sends results of the EEG scan right where you need them. The high EEG temporal resolution provided by the microEEG device provides for improved assessment accuracy of reaction time. When tested by the National Institutes of Health to compare its performance to a standard clinical EEG machine, the scientists determined the microEEG is “non-inferior to a standard commercially available EEG recording device.” A blind board review of reads from both the classic EEG equipment and the microEEG equipment found the difference in system signals to be negligible.

What are the benefits to using the microEEG?

While the classic hospital arrangement for EEG testing requires a specially trained technician, the microEEG offers a one-hour, online operator training. This aspect of the microEEG brings a tremendous cost savings to doctors as EEG technicians are expensive to hire (the average salary of an EEG technician is $60K - $80K per year).

Instead of pouring money into these specialized technicians, doctors now have the opportunity to add more value to the care they provide their patients and more profit to their practice. Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI) are among the most dangerously overlooked diagnosis in after accidents of varying severity, according to the Brain Injury Society. When this diagnosis is dismissed or unevaluated, the affected patient may experience a tremendous loss to his or her quality of life. The benefit to feeling more confident in making an accurate diagnosis is a potential profit of up to $200K per year.

How more profit is made through the use of the microEEG:

Without the cost of paying a specialized technician or losing time to set up the classic EEG system, doctors can make considerable money back on their investment in the microEEG device. Less time to set up offers more time to perform a higher number of EEG evaluations for young athletes, first responders, pre-employment exams, fall victims, patients with sleep disorders, etc.

Diverse Medical Funding has developed a calculator which assists the physician in calculating his or her estimated profit per number of EEG tests run and within the current financial structure of your practice (Medicare, insurance, cash, PI, etc). Trials with the microEEG have demonstrated a 31% reduction in patient care costs as well as a reduction of hospitalization stay by 2 days. The rate of readmission within 30 days of discharge was reduced by 26%. Doctors were able to recommend young athletes or professional sportsmen to return to play with greater confidence through use of the microEEG.

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