Frequently Asked Questions About the microEEG

To bring more value to your patients and more profit to your practice, call us for a consultation. We’ll show you how to calculate your earnings and demonstrate what is covered by insurance and Medicare. The best tools make for the best patient experience while adding further credibility to your hard-earned diagnosis. We know how much you care about your patients and we are ready to help you bring the service you provide them into the new century of advanced technology. As the portable EKG is now commonly used, so, too, will the microEEG system in the very near future.

Schedule a consultation and get ahead of the inevitable shift to this updated technology.

If you’ve heard about the microEEG, you probably have some questions about the device and how it works. Here is what we would want to know if we were in your position:

New Technology: FAQs about the microEEG

• What is the size of the BioSignal Group microEEG? The size of this portable EEG device is comparable to a Sony walkman from the 90’s. Through the power of advanced, miniaturized technology, the microEEG device is can easily be held in the hand. The device wirelessly connects to your CPU or laptop.

• What special training, if any, is required to operate the microEEG? There are no special credentials required to operate the microEEG. The operator level training is available online and takes less than one hour to complete.

• Will this device still benefit my patients and practice if I have no experience interpreting EEG results? It is imperative for patient’s long-term health and welfare that physicians quickly identify potential mTBI. Diverse Medical Funding can recommend neurologists to interpret the results and generate a comprehensive report within 48 hours. You have the option of selecting your neurologist or neurophysiologist, as you prefer, who can access the BSG cloud system.

• Who performs the Professional Component (PC) or EEG “reads?” Some doctors have their preferred network of experts they continue to employ for the PC or “reads.” If you would like to include the read to your PI test package, we recommend Well-Read, LLC for expert neurologist reads at an affordable rate. Well-Read, LLC is capable of direct billing insurance and Medicare as well.

• What are the disadvantages of less expensive Quantitative EEG (QEEG) brain mapping devices? QEEG devices utilize software and algorithms to generate reports based on comparative data with normative values. There are currently no guidelines for QEEG use for screening neurological and/or psychiatric conditions nor are there peer-reviewed published studies demonstrating treatment improvements based on QEEG data. Furthermore, most QEEG devices do not save data or provide printed graphs. QEEG data are not interpreted by medical professionals and, therefore, not accepted under CPT codes for most EEG-related conditions.

• Will the microEEG diagnose concussion of mTBI? The microEEG plays a critical role in providing data within the diagnostic protocol of strict medical guidelines related to an Altered Mental Status diagnosis. When a physician considers exam reports, complicating factors, prior history, and psychological factors of an individual patient, the report provided through microEEG data is a key component to arriving at a an accurate diagnosis.

• Is it required to purchase the microEEG, or, is there an option to lease? Diverse Medical Funding offers an affordable leasing program.

Please, contact us at Diverse Medical Funding for a full consultation on the use of the microEEG

We are standing by to make an appointment with you to discuss your options and answer any other questions you may have about the BSG mircoEEG device. The device has undergone clinical trials in 2011 and is FDA approved for medical use. We can tell you more about the coverage provided through Medicare and insurance and how the device may bring additional profit to your specific clinic when you schedule a microEEG consultation.

Prestigious medical groups, including Kaiser Permanente, have incorporated the use of the most up-to-date, streamlined technology for performing EEG readings. Studies in the benefits of incorporating EEG tests to examinations following minor or major injuries call for a more efficient system to serve more patients in need.

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