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You only went in for a routine procedure but something went wrong. That simple event has now caused you irreversible health issues, and you had to give up your job because you were no longer able to work. How are you going to pay the mortgage, utilities, car loan, AND buy groceries? And medicines That cost is outrageous but without it, your health issues are unmanageable. You filed a medical malpractice case with an attorney but that could take months or years. How do you live NOW
In times past, a person would be reduced to bankruptcy, losing everything they owned, or even living with family. But currently, another option is available. Plaintiff funding. What is it, and how does it apply to you? It is rather simple. Read more about this life saving financial option below.


Plaintiff funding is an advance payment on any anticipated settlement of a current lawsuit that is awaiting legal conclusion. Anyone who has ever been involved in such a lawsuit knows that it can be a time consuming and stressful time in one’s life. In addition, until the lawsuit is concluded, one does not have access to monetary funds to pay their necessary living expenses.
We at Diverse Medical Funding offer clients access to our plaintiff funding settlement bidding system. Apply via telephone or submit an online application of your current lawsuit situation. Once approved, your application is open to all financial bidders for review who then quickly submit monetary bids to assist you in receiving a portion of your potential lawsuit settlement. This process allows you have to cash in HAND to pay for your current and future living expenses.
The dollar amount to you varies by the merit of your lawsuit. Financial bidders review your case, and once approved, you receive your cash advance. Bidders do not consider your credit records nor are you expected to make any payments before your case is successfully settled. You will have cash funds NOW to use while you await final lawsuit judgment. In the event that you do not WIN your case, you will not be expected to pay back anything. You read that correctly – you will owe us nothing.
You have nothing to lose but much to gain. To learn more, visit us at, call us at +1 844 363 1977, or email us at Let us help YOU with your living expenses now

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