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The worst case scenario has just happened. Your client has been injured; they are trying to recover with the help of multiple doctors; they are unable to work; and now, bill collectors are starting to call. And they keep calling. How is your client supposed to pay their bills? Will they have enough money for medical bills AND being able to feed the family? What if the bank forecloses on their home? Who will help them as they wait for the legal system to handle and finalize their lawsuit case? Is there ANYWHERE they can get financial help NOW? Yes, there is – Diverse Medical Funding.


Diverse Medical Funding is offering their new service called Plaintiff Funding. The simplified concept is that monetary help is available to the plaintiff as they wait for the oftentimes long and drawn out lawsuit settlement. Since lawsuit battles can last for months, and sometimes years, the plaintiff is left alone, without monetary help, to try to survive and pay for their family’s personal needs.
Plaintiff Funding is a service that allows individuals involved in a legal case to access pre-settlement funds for addressing key personal needs. The current typical monetary advancement to a plaintiff is usually around 10% of the lawsuit monetary case. This amount may vary depending on how funding companies and/or investors assign value to the case.
The Plaintiff Funding service is always with the knowledge and agreement that the plaintiff is without any recourse or payback to the funder, even if the funder does not settle on the case after advance had already been given. Application for this service is simple – an online application with details of the situation. Once the application is received, the plaintiff funding provider will contact the client’s attorney for additional information and documentation then the case will be reviewed. The plaintiff and their attorney will be contacted with the results, and the advance funding agreement will be signed with pre-agreed funding rates. Advance monies are then released to the plaintiff within a matter of days.


Again, cash advance is not a loan, and that is the main feature of this service. The plaintiff will not have any obligation to pay back the cash advance in the event the case determination goes bad. The plaintiff only has to pay the amount back in the event that the case is won. Moreover, the only money that will be taken must come from the proceeds of the court settlements of the case and NOT from the plaintiff.
To learn more about our new Plaintiff Funding service, visit, phone us at +1 844 363 1977, or email us at Let us help with the financial needs of plaintiff and family. Then relax, heal, live stress free, and await finalization of your settlement case.

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