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Grounded in neuroscience: 


Our core expertise is brain function monitoring in any context

“We Enable Brain Function Assessment anywhere, at any time, for everyone.”

Hospital Quality In Your Office

A revolution in functional brain monitoring. 

A solution for major problems in health care and sports markets.

Many private practice and outpatient physicians do not have the ability to obtain EEGs on patients when and where they need to.

  • Provides physicians access to “gold standard” EEG data 24/7/365

  • Setup in 5 minutes without the need for an EEG technician

  • Small, lightweight, 26 channel EEG and headset designed for easy use

  • Use existing CPT 95812 for reimbursement

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Hidden Danger of Choosing The Wrong Doctor


  • According to the Brain Injury Society an often overlooked diagnosis in accidental injuries is Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)

  • Missing an mTBI diagnosis can lead to a life time of emotional struggle, physical and financial turmoil, and even depression and suicide for head injury victims

Why microEEG® is an Optimal Solution


  • Uses an FDA approved qEEG technology to examine the functionality of the brain

  • Better assessment of reaction times due to the high EEG temporal resolution

  • Reduces the “practice effect” phenomenon by offering an objective electrographic readout.

  • EEG “signatures” can be specific to the cognitive activity that the athlete and injury victim is engaged in

  • Synchrony to the stimulus that the neurocognitive test is providing.

  • Can be reimbursable.

  • Assesses synchrony between various brain regions.

  • Clinical readout can still be interpreted by a human interpreter.

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