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Diverse Medical Funding is a leader in workers’ compensation collection. To further increase our clients’ revenues, Diverse Medical Funding’s Billing and Collections also provides WC billing practice analysis and vital strategic recommendations to improve your practice Billing procedures and processes.
Diverse Medical Funding is one of leading workers’ compensation collection company in California and New York. Our increasing pool of clients is a direct result of our accuracy, superior billing service, and constant attention to our client needs.

We provide Workers’ Compensation collection including full Collection management SB863/SB1160(IBR, UR, etc) and full Medical Lien Management as needed.

We have years of exp in Workers Comp Collection in CA and NY.

Our collectors and negotiators are well trained and skilled professionals who look into even the minutest details of all our services related to collections!

Diverse Medical Funding Specializes in all workers Comp Collection in CA and NY


A. New York WC Collection/ Revenue Cycle Management:

Diverse Medical Funding offers a complete Billing and collection for New York Worker’s Compensation Claims.

We fully handle the entire revenue cycle management that include charge entry, electronic and manual claims submission, claims tracking and verification, AR follow up, payment posting and patient billing.

Charge Entry
Data is captured from super bills and charges are entered, with quality checks to ensure correct codes and modifiers.

Cash Posting
Once remittance advices are received and checks are deposited, we close the cycle by posting the cash and update the Provider.

Claim Submission
WC Claims are submitted to the three entities
Insurance Company Submission – Claims are submitted to the insurance company
Worker’s Compensation NY Board – Claims are submitted electronically to the Board in batch mode in XML format.
WC Attorneys – Claims are also mailed out to attorneys. This helps the attorneys during the hearings, scheduled by the board.

AR Follow Up
Med Fortune files HP1A for all pending claims with no response in 45 days. The Board typically responds to a correctly filed HP1A with an HP2. This is followed by an HP3 in case of a denial and an HP3.1 in case of a payment notification. In the event that there is no response in the form of an HP3 or HP3.1 within 7 days, Med Fortunefiles an HPJ1 as required by the Board. Our analysts carefully track each open claim through this AR cycle until it is paid. Dedicated executives call payers/the Board to get updates on status of claims that are scheduled for hearing. We review notices of decision (NOD) and act on those favoring the provider to expedite payment.

Denial Management
We capture data from denial EOBs and act on those that require follow up in a fast and efficient manner.

Patient Billing
On valid denials, the balance is transferred to the patient and statements are issued and mailed for payment.

Our WC Reporting enables you to see the collection status at any time for each claim, payer or patient.
We also send periodic status reports that include AR summaries, claim tracking reports, AR Aging. We provide an analysis to estimate your cash position for a particular week.

NY WC clients Benefits
Improvement in collections of up to 60%
Reduced AR days
Customized reports enable you to reach sound decision making
Easy and fast access to your data and documents
Expertise in workers’ compensation revenue cycle management
Software specialized for workers’ compensation billing requirements
Document management system that seamlessly integrates with your billing system





We Collect for all specialties from PT, Pain Management, Interpretation, Transportation, DME, Tox, Compounds Pharmacy, etc

  • Guarantee enhanced revenues!

  • We provide real time detailed collection reports.

  • Our insurance verification process verify, review, and research all Patients demographic data to ensure accuracy of information.

  • We make sure Printed HCFA with Proof of Service are directly mailed to relevant insurance companies that do not accept electronic billing yet.

  • Full access to billing and collections patient database, 24/7, through our cloud based system with full billing data and search functions.

  • All of of our team is experienced and certified

  • Handling all aspects of Workers’ Comp claim collection, including monitoring cases via EDEX /EAMS & WC litigation processes.

  • We engage your patients with professional communication and statements

  • WCAB Litigation Service – Tenacious follow up process – We will make sure you representation at WCAB conferences and hearings. Find out how we can get your payments quickly!Optimal Lien resolution

  • Revenue Cycle Management professionals and certified coders on staff

  • Coding,Billing, and all collection processes including Denial Management/Follow up: Credentialing,Reporting/Analytics, Electronic Medical Records

  • Full Data migrations, data entry, data loss. We have a keen eye for detail and a strong methodology for full A/R clean up.

  • Access to expert resources and the latest technology for WC collection -innovative software technology that works to eliminate error and increases efficiency in the collection process

  • We would ensure that all of your documentation related to your claims is safely stored in our HIPPA certified cloud based data base.

                                                          Some of the Specialties we Collect for on WC claims:
  • General Surgery

  • Multi-Specialty

  • Neurology

  • Pathology

  • Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation

  • Psychology

  • Radiology

  • Urgent Care

  • Anesthesiology

  • Orthopedics

  • Pain Management

  • Psychiatry

  • Chiropractic

  • Mental Health

  • Nursing Home/Home Care

  • Nurse Practitioner

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • General Practice

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Diverse Medical Funding provides a one stop shop for medical providers. We offer our clients multiple types of service including funding, coding, billing, and collection services. We also offer top directory services, innovative medical equipment, and digital marketing services to our clients. We endeavor to supply these services to all our medical providers. We also work in other industries including the legal industry.