Medical Factoring (HMO/PPO) Funding

Medical factoring can help providers in all fields improve their financial situation, permit them to offer more and the best services. Funding can be used for acquisition of new equipment, increase workers and physical provisions, plus anything that will help your workplace improve.
Accounts Receivables Funding via Diverse Medical Funding makes your bills of Healthcare, Health aid, or an HMO-PPO insurance holder into cash. Swiftly, simply, steadily.


  • Absolutely free for any Medical Provider: Screened and qualified financing bodies and capitalists

  • Optimum possible bids/offers for your HMO/PPO accounts receivables

  • All Types of Private Insurance: Providers both Small or Large

  • Immediate financing method: Strict time line for submission and financing offer

  • HIPAA Acquiescent: Confidential swift Term Sheet Offer/Payout

  • No Compulsory contracts: No timeline for funding service

  • No Minimum Purchase required: All Specialty Medical Treatment Available

  • Numerous financiers and Investors: Direct funding for the Offer

  • Fast Term Sheet Offer/Payment

Contact Info

Diverse Medical Funding
Pasadena, CA 91001
Phone: 844-363--1977


Diverse Medical Funding provides a one stop shop for medical providers. We offer our clients multiple types of service including funding, coding, billing, and collection services. We also offer top directory services, innovative medical equipment, and digital marketing services to our clients. We endeavor to supply these services to all our medical providers. We also work in other industries including the legal industry.