Personal Injury Liens

LOP Funding

Diverse Medical Funding Medical LIEN funding marketplace offers practical, targeted financial solutions for medical providers across the country, through the purchase of personal injury medical liens or Letters of Protection (LOP)
Diverse Medical Funding purchases a Letter of Protection (LOP) on a portion of the potential proceeds from Personal Injury cases then takes an equitable lien on that specific portion of the proceeds.



  • Data Conversion Service of Accounts Receivables: We convert any Accounts Receivables from any billing Software absolutely free!

  • Minimum Low Accounts Receivables Requirement : 6 months in business requirement is sufficient

  • Spot Funding Process: Our motto is fast funding to providers!

  • Multiple Offers for WC: Our aim is to provide offers to all medical providers on their Accounts Receivables

  • Purchase of Denied Claims: We are the best in buying all denied claims!

  • Private, Confidential, Secure: We guarantee your data security!

  • Funding for Ongoing WC: Experts in purchase and facilitation of ongoing funding deals!

  • LIEN Filing Funding Expert: We provide help to file liens for your patients!

  • HIPPA Compliant: Integrity in Patient data

Contact Info

Diverse Medical Funding
Pasadena, CA 91001
Phone: 844-363--1977


Diverse Medical Funding provides a one stop shop for medical providers. We offer our clients multiple types of service including funding, coding, billing, and collection services. We also offer top directory services, innovative medical equipment, and digital marketing services to our clients. We endeavor to supply these services to all our medical providers. We also work in other industries including the legal industry.