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Millennial spending is expected to increase to $1.4 trillion by 2020. Your business can greatly benefit from this abundance by meeting millennial customers where they are – and where are they? Online - and they’re looking for your business! Let them know how to find you through the expert marketing strategies of DMF Social.


DMF Social will demonstrate to your ideal customers that you speak their language.

The modern shopper questions the legitimacy of a business they cannot follow on Facebook or Instagram. Did you know 1 minute out of every 7 minutes spent online is used scrolling through Facebook? When you request a free assessment through DMF Social, we will review the needs of your company and how your online presence can be improved to increase your business.

Our services include customized packages which work separately or in conjunction with one another to help your company reach people who need you. We employ content creation and management to get your company into the online conversation on social media. We’ll help you set up the right boosted posts and create unique, customized, and targeted ads to make the announcement to your ideal customers that you’re ready to meet their needs. We provide SEO optimization services and expertise in utilizing 100+ directories to increase your chances of being found in a search. It’s not all about Google anymore – people are looking on mobile GPS, and so many more search engines today and we can help make sure your company shows up at the top of all those searches.


Outsourcing your social media content frees up time for you to do what you love!

The rules of the internet are constantly changing and DMF Social knows how to navigate the algorithms used in online searches and social media sites to your benefit. There are more cell phones than there are people in the world and your potential customers form an opinion about your online presence while on their phones in approximately 50 milliseconds. Without a firm strategy in place, your online presence could become lost in the vast number of voices all vying for your customers’ attention.
When you focus on doing what you do best, you provide the best services and products possible to your customers. Trying to include the time it requires to simultaneously speak to your audience about your work in consistent, eye-catching, and interesting posts can be very challenging when you’re trying to run a business. DMF Social can help you reach a wider and more diverse group of customers than you might realize are within your targeted audience through relevant and original content.


DMF Social keeps you in touch with customers who buy things from people they trust.

When you sign up with a customized social media package, DMF Social will help you forge connections which lead to loyal customers and referrals through building a relationship online. Your range of promoting new business may hinge entirely on well-written e-mails and creative posts. DMF Social stays updated on what your customers like to see online so you can focus on being a leader in your field. We can put you in the best position possible to reap the benefits of the fastest and most wide-reaching marketing strategy available today.

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Diverse Medical Funding provides a one stop shop for medical providers. We offer our clients multiple types of service including funding, coding, billing, and collection services. We also offer top directory services, innovative medical equipment, and digital marketing services to our clients. We endeavor to supply these services to all our medical providers. We also work in other industries including the legal industry.